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Avantio – Transparency and Professionalism

Four years ago, for the first time, Avantio participated in BIT Milan, to present its products and its entrepreneurial vision to other companies from the vacation rental sector in Italy.

Since then, many things have changed, and now Avantio has more than 120 customers in Italy, which manage on average 90-130 properties, and have a significant level of billing. These agencies are specialized in holiday homes and short-term rentals in all regions of the country. Avantio works exclusively with professional agencies from the sector.

Year after year, Avantio has earned the trust and respect of all its customers for its high level of humility, transparency and professionalism. These are the values ​​that we transmit to our customers from the first contact, immediately at the beginning of the collaboration. This is Avantio’s method, and this is what makes it possible to have a level of trust and credit among the customers. And it is this relationship of collaboration and trust that makes it possible to derive maximum benefit from these business relationships.

Maximum benefit for holiday letting businesses provided by Avantio

Our vision is to bring the necessary technology to our customers, so they can use their know-how to their projects, leaving us the technological management.

Avantio wants to achieve technological leadership in Italy, which we consider as a strategic partner, as we have many sales channels and resources to give visibility to our customers on 5 continents.

Precisely for this reason we have a constant presence in Italy, planning more than 7 events in all areas of the country.

Our Italian team consists of 5 individuals, ready to provide the assistance and advice to our customers, and we plan to grow and make our team bigger. For this reason we will continue to invest resources in this magnificent country, to help over 400 professionals who currently work with precarious and incomplete tools. And that they have not yet explored all the benefits of working with a 360º system from where they can manage the back office, the channel manager and the web page.

This makes it easier to manage compared to the use of different complex systems that generate more administrative work, instead saving resources to the commercial area.

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