Avantio presents Preferred Partnership with Ferienhausmiete.de

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New Preferred Partner: Ferienhausmiete.de

It is with pleasure that we can announce the Preferred Partnership between Avantio and German holiday rental portal, Ferienhausmiete.de. This portal is now available within the Avantio Channel Manager as an ‘included channel’.  

Ferienhausmiete.de is a market leader within the German speaking countries, with 14 million visitors a year and more than 7 platforms. It is currently growing at a rate of around 20% per year which means that each year it receives over 1 million booking requests. Holiday rental agencies are benefiting directly from this growth through high volumes of reservations.

It is one of the top 3 holiday rental portals in Germany and offers the cheapest rates for the properties advertised. It has also built a reputation within the market for offering the best service for agencies and landlords.

Ferienhausmiete.de provides high-spending clients from the Avantio Channel Manager

Ferienhausmiete.de is dedicated to building long term partnerships, with a dedicated service team and determination to meet their customers’ needs, ensuring that they will support the needs of both you and your guests.

The majority of the tourists who use Ferienhausmiete.de are German or from German speaking countries, in particular Germany (90%), Austria, Switzerland, in addition to tourists from Poland and Italy. German clients from the European Union spend a large amount of time outside of their own country, in 2015 alone German residents spent 700 million nights on trips outside of Germany with the highest total expenditure in Europe. Therefore this tourist group is highly attractive for vacation rental agencies looking for high spending clients with high number of bookings per year.

Their clients are particularly interested, in holiday letting properties in the European countries of Germany, Croatia, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and France although this list is not exclusive. Therefore holiday rental agencies with properties in these areas, would particularly benefit from a partnership with Ferienhausmiete.de.

Ferienhausmiete.de is included in the packages of the Channel Manager (from Standard package upwards) as an ‘Included Channel’.

  • If you do not already have a connection to Ferienhausmiete.de, go to your Channel Manager tab within the Vacation Rental Management Software (VRMS), click ‘+Add Channel’ and then ‘Connect’ under the Ferienhausmiete.de logo. Full information regarding Ferienhausmiete.de and instructions on how to connect are given there.
  • If you do not have a Channel Manager package, please contact your account manager to discuss your options.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or read more on the channel manager page.

Avantio is dedicated to building partnerships with holiday rental portals with a high reputation in the industry. Our goal is to offer our clients the opportunity to increase bookings and profitability through access to the best global and specialized portals in the world. For more information on the portals available with Avantio, please check our channel manager page, or contact us directly.

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