Launch of business automation ‘Harmony’ by Avantio

‘Harmony’ by Avantio helps you save up to 70% of your daily tasks

Avantio is proud to launch the first phase of our flexible business automation tools. Whilst the science behind the module is complex, the aim is simple; to adapt our holiday lettings management system to the needs and working protocols of our agencies and managers.

What is business automation?

This allows companies to automate processes which follow ‘actions’,‘protocols’ or ‘workflows’.
For example, an ‘action’ could be when a booking status is updated. An agency would contact the guest to confirm that payment had been received. Business process automation tools automate that process so the guest, and/or property owner and/or external service provider is contacted automatically after that ‘action’ is completed.

Further phases of Harmony will offer more than just Business Automation, where Harmony will proactively provide valuable intuitive resources to the agencies to predict behaviour and suggest affirmative action. These developments are market-leading, and will completely change how our clients will allocate resources and increase business results.

What does ‘Harmony’ business automation tool by Avantio offer?

Holiday letting agencies can now fully automate 5 different type of processes (with more to come in the next phase).

The automated processes now offered include (with further options available):

  • Thanking customers for leaving a guest review, with the option to offer a discount for return visits to improve customer relations and increasing repeat business.
  • Chasing an unmade payment within timescales to suit the business needs, reducing time spent on bureaucracy.
  • Sending essential guest information Arrival instructions, last minute advices or rules for check in, within timescales to suit almost all business needs, building precious customer relationships and adding value.
  • Confirmations of reservations, building guest relationships.
  • Confirmations of successful payments made, adding value and guest security.
  • Owner communications prior to guest arrivals, saving time and maintaining owner relationships.

The easy to use module allows the agency to configure business processes using:

  • Time period configuration.
  • Choice of personalised templates.
  • Targeted customers, owners or third parties.
  • Personalised conditions (Target or labeled).

The development of Harmony in Avantio holiday lettings software has been created entirely to support our clients in their holiday letting business, reduce their administrative tasks and empower their business relationship with the market.

This is just one of the new developments from Avantio designed to empower our clients to run their businesses.

If you want to know more about this, visit our support page.

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