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We are Thrilled to Announce our New Partnership With Doinn

Since vacation rental became a popular option within the tourism sector, standing out from the competition is key. There are two factors that influence tourists’ selection criteria, location, and cleanliness. 

At Avantio we know the importance and the effort that this last point requires. Therefore, we encourage constructive relationships with partners that generate a common benefit. Win-win-win relationships such as the one provided by our new Preferred Partner: Doinn.

To find out more about who they are, their contribution to the holiday rental sector and the added value of this collaboration, we interviewed Noelia Novella, CEO and co-founder of Doinn.

Tell us a little about Doinn’s history and how it has evolved within the holiday accommodation sector.

Doinn was born as a personal necessity making a round-the-world trip with two babies. Millennials or not, we’ve all grown with hotel cleanliness standards and by refusing to give up that part, I ended up getting the same cleaning, laundry and laundry companies that work for the hotels to service the managers of the more than 7000 tourist apartments we work with. 

The biggest difference is the professionalization of the sector and the consolidation, for whom being able to outsource all the operational part with us is vital to be able to concentrate on their customers. 

How do you see the short term vacation industry over the next 5 years? 

The professionalization and consolidation will expand to other regions, the apartment managers will stop fighting to manage the same apartments in the same cities as always, the tourist himself demands it, the municipalities also. 

Asia is going to be interesting.

How important is the cleanliness of the accommodations within the guest experience process? 

That the cleaning is perfect and that the sheets and towels are white and industrially washed, is a basic expectation. No matter how hard they try to offer guests personalized experiences through artificial intelligence, if the basic expectation is not fulfilled, nothing is worthwhile.

Can you explain the added value Doinn offers to Vacation Rental Agencies? 

At Doinn we offer the option of hiring the best cleaning, laundry and bed linen and towel rental companies in the hotel industry in each city, at the distance of a click and with automatic synchronization of calendars thanks to Avantio. Outsourcing cleaning saves a lot of time and resources to Short Term Rental Agencies. They have to consider that, apart from the short window of time between check-in and check-out, which already entails many challenges, we are seeing more labor inspections and it is getting harder to keep up with the legal regulations of the sector. 

In how many cities are you present?

Between Spain, England, and Portugal we already offer service to 82 cities, which is great for short term rental agencies that want to grow nationally or internationally. We are increasing cities as our clients ask us, it is incredible to see them grow like this and know that Doinn is a key piece for them.

What is Doinn’s plans for the future? 

For the time being we will continue to grow in Europe, mainly in Great Britain and Spain.

Doinn becomes the perfect parallel to unite short term rentals agencies with professional cleaning services and high quality. If you are interested in connecting to this portal through our Channel Manager, please contact your Account Manager here.

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