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New Preferred Partner: EveryStay

We give a warm welcome to our New Preferred Partner EveryStay, who come to present a new business model where the property manager has full control of their bookings, they offer a flexible flat fee per enquiry pricing model, billed at the end of every month, to get the most out of your marketing investment. You will also have the possibility to control your rental terms and conditions with your own cancellation policies and whenever a potential guest sends a booking enquiry, EveryStay will share the information with you.

With an international reach, EveryStay cater for listings on all five continents, from London, Lisbon and Ho Chi Minh. They have a strong presence in Europe (particularly in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, UK and Germany) as well as North America and their most active guest´s markets are the UK and Germany.

Now that you know the basics about our new Preferred Partner, get to know them more in depth with our interview made to their Founder and CEO Florian Richter:

Q: Tell us more about EveryStay…
A: EveryStay was created from the fundamental belief that the move towards instant bookings and commission based advertising was (and is) wrong.
In 2016, we saw an opportunity in the vacation rental market. The acquisition of HomeAway by Expedia and the resulting shift in its business model, applying the ‘hotel model’ to vacation rentals, left operators with very little choice of distribution platforms. And that’s the reason we brought back the tried, tested and loved “booking enquiry” model. This way property managers can select their guests, have their own rental contracts as well as their own payment and cancellation policy.

Q: What is the profile of your customer?
A: As said before, EveryStay was founded to give vacation rental owners and managers full control over their business, by offering a commission-free, booking enquiry platform. During this year, we experience a pretty amazing growth, taking our inventory from two thousand to over fifty thousand listings in just under nine months. We were able to grow so fast by primarily targeting agencies and management companies.

Q: Where are your best results?
A: In terms of guest traffic, our best results come from Germany (70%) and the UK (20%). Our most successful destinations are coastal destinations in the UK, Spain, and France. But our star destination seems to be Florida. With more than 1500 properties available, our Florida listings seem to be the first choice for family travellers.

Q: What differentiates you from your competitors?
A: Our pricing model, of course. Just a simple example: if a given price per night is £100, and you get a booking for 10 nights, the booking value is £1000. With an average 15% commission that most listing platforms have, then the booking value comes down to £850. But with EveryStay, as we do not charge any commission on successful bookings, vacation rental owners can keep 100% of their booking value.

Q: What are the strongest benefits of working with EveryStay?
A: With our booking enquiry model, property managers:

  • can control their rental terms and conditions, have their own cancellation policies, and manage their listings their way.
  • every booking enquiry includes contact details, so they can vet their guests and avoid duplicate bookings.
  • are only charged a flat fee per booking enquiry which works out cheaper.
  • can take deposit payments directly from the guest so that they don’t have to worry about their cash flow because of the platform holding onto the money.

Q: What are your plans for development in the next couple of years?
A: This year we have proven that we can scale our inventory, so our next two-year plan is to prove that we can, also, scale our revenue.
In terms of markets, North America is currently our top target market. In only three months we witnessed a 60% increase in our listings in the USA and every time we talk with local industry stakeholders, they assure us that our pricing model of charging a flat fee per booking enquiry, so that the property manager can keep 100% of your booking price, is very much appreciated!

Moreover, we are currently building our presence in Australasia and Latin America.


EveryStay is included in the packages of the Channel Manager (from Standard Package upwards) as an ‘Included Channel’.

  • If you do not already have a connection to EveryStay, go to your Channel Manager tab within the Vacation Rental Management Software (VRMS), click ‘+Add Channel’ and then ‘Connect’ under the EveryStay logo. Full information regarding EveryStay and instructions on how to connect are given there.
  • If you already have EveryStay included in your Channel Manager, you may now be able to add a further portal within your package. Contact your account manager to check this.
  • If you do not have a Channel Manager package, please contact your account manager to discuss your options.

If you have any difficulties or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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