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Vacation rental trends and tips by Travelopo

As we announced a couple of months ago, Travelopo is now a Preferred Partner within the Avantio Channel Manager. Discover last industry trends and tips about all the advantages Travelopo can offer your vacation rental business in this interview to Cai Thomas, Head of Marketing of Travelopo.


Tell us a bit about Travelopo and your role in the vacation rental industry and What is your added value?

Travelopo is an hybrid online travel agency based in the vibrant city of Bristol in the United Kingdom. Travelopo works with over 500 property managers and that number is growing every day. Travelopo excel at finding the correct property for the guest, more often than not a guest will make an enquiry about a property that isn’t exactly what they would like, Travelopo’s in house reservations and sales team are experts at finding the perfect property for the guest. Not only does this offer that extra level of care and quality of service to the guest, but it means guest come back and make repeat bookings.

As per your experience, can you share the 3 top Vacation Rental industry insights today?

In our experience the big three changes in the industry have cleary been 1) the move towards a more compartmentalised holiday booking experience, 2) The move towards vacation rental properties being compared equally to hotels, meaning that clients are as likely to book a vacation rental property for a short break as they are a hotel or B&B, C) The requirement still for a mix of enquirable and online bookable only product, in our experience guests still want to ask questions, and Travelopo is perfectly positioned to answer those questions.

How do you see the VR industry in five years?

I believe the vacation rental industry will see an influx of smaller property managers being able to market their properties direct to OTAs such as Travelopo, as those smaller property managers adopt more and more channel partner software like Avantio. This gradual move towards a more software driven approach will not only improve the selection of properties available to clients, but it will drive competition.

Why property managers should advertise their properties on Travelopo

In our experience, and our existing property managers will vouch for us on this, Travelopo offers property managers the ability to receive confirmed and qualified bookings, whilst Travelopo deals with all of the pre-sale questions and sales process, meaning that the overheads of receiving a booking from Travelopo are very low. This means the guest is always sourced the best property based on their requirements and their budget, whilst the property manager is provided with qualified and paid bookings.

What types of properties can tourists find on the Travelopo website?

Travelopo’s portfolio is consists of around 60% holiday villas and homes along with 40% apartments and condos. We stock all types of properties from ski chalets and apartments, to beachside villas on the Mediterranean coast, to countryside farm retreats and city condos.

Which are your most successful destinations today? and Where are you looking to expand in 2019?

For the last few years our best performing locations have been the Balearic Islands & the Spanish and Portuguese coasts. We are however seeing a huge increase in demand for ski properties and family sized properties all over Europe. Travelopo is looking for more stock globally, we have a particular appetite and demand at the moment for properties in America and in our key European destinations.

Who are your travellers?

Our travellers are largely families, 4 or more adults with 2 or more children, we have a particular strength with English speaking and German speaking clients. Though clients are sourced globally.

What are the most effective ways to market vacation rentals at Travelopo?

It is simple, make sure your properties have accurate Availibility & pricing, and supply travelopo with as much information about the property and the nearby facilities as possible. Our guest’s love to know where the nearest shops, beaches & restaurants are!

What is on the roadmap for Travelopo’s features or improvements?

Travelopo has a constantly growing technical team, who are focusing on making sure we enrich the data provide as much as possible. We are also looking to offer more facilities to property managers to report on their properties, enabling them to see where their strengths and weaknesses are, meaning they can adjust and optimise their listings accordingly to optimise performance.

What are the advantages of working with Avantio?

The connection between Travelopo is extremely efficient, within 3 days of your accepting Travelopo as a channel, your properties will be lives on! We have a team of developers who will integrate your properties, they are automatically added to our website. Any changes you make on the Avantio will be automatically pushed through to!

Thank you Cai for this interview!


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